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Post  Admin on Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:28 am

Sharpe will be performing weekly activity checks for the guild starting next week. He has already compiled a list with all the information he needs on all the guild members. There shall be a few rules in regards to this new system. Said system is in effect due to the possibility of inactive members. Active guild members help make the guild grow.

The rules are as followed:

-I. Guild members are required to log in at least once a week. If there is an issue in regards to being on weekly, then you must mail Sharpe with your reason. Please do not say that you will be gone for a certain amount of days, then never come back. Be responsible.

-II. Guild points are the fruit of the guild. As you gain more, the guild can grow. At least do some quests to add to the contribution. Sharpe will not be looking at your %. He will be looking at the amount of points you put in total for the guild, hoping that it will go up a few points.

-III. Leveling shows that you have been active. Most people do quests to level, and quests help give the guild points. So keep at it.

-IV. (Optional, but would be nice.) Talk to the guild. We are like a family, no need to ignore everyone. Show that you care about the guild. It will show how dedicated you are in the guild.

Failure to follow these during the weekly check up will result in a warning. There are two warnings in total, yellow and red. Red being the final warning. If you are not active after the red warning, then you shall be taken out of the guild with only a letter stating why in your mailbox.

That is all.


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