Stories, which i write....for fun

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Stories, which i write....for fun Empty Stories, which i write....for fun

Post  Taliss on Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:10 am

yeah..stories..i kinda write them..fantasies..and the like... (think uns3xy thoughts)....

never mind that. Anyway, IF anyone should be interested... i'm currently busy on one hell of a long story... involves some action, deep plot, and one *peep*ed up world. Wanna see some of the work? then go right ahead and ask, i'll post a page or two and keep ya informed of the process. Like i'll do right now:

Title: Myriad of pain
Style: Drama, action, funnyness(couldn't resist)
Main char: Mia, 13-year old magical human girl who can't utter a single word.
Supportive chars: Keatan (pretty main too), Maximillion (Max), Volke, the red suited guy, and some other guys i haven't given names to yet.
World: 3 races: the Levriants (beasts with magical powers(doesn't mean that can speak)), the humans with magical powers, the ordinary humans
Set in a medieval world.

I won't explain the story here, if you want to know more...well, ask later >.<

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