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Post  Sepgreti on Sun May 31, 2009 12:57 pm

Currently on the hunt for Shining Wings dropped by the Psyches in the field outside Elias! Also searching for Rough Tail Furs dropped by Privarangs (not entirely sure about the spelling) in Arcadia. If you have any weighing down your pockets send them my way! I'll take them off your hands.

So I'm Sepgreti, Level 6 Refiner, currently the back-up for whenever Cat is offline.

I 'specialize' in making materials for other crafts. Mostly I do Leather Refining but I can also refine lower minerals for better ones. Mostly I've been doing work for the Boss (Cherry) but I have plenty of time to help out with anyone else.

The following is a list of items that I can make thus far, I'll update as I level my craft. If you see anything you need just shoot me a message and I'll get to work ASAP.

Craftable Items:

Leather Refining

Thin Normal Bobbin: 3x Round Tail (75% Success Rate)

Thin Silver Bobbin: 3x Wild Boar Pelt (72% Success Rate)
3x Normal Bobbins (69% Success Rate)

Thin Gold Bobbin: 3x Shining Wings (66% Success Rate)
3x Thin Silver Bobbins (63% Success Rate)

Thin Rainbow Bobbin: 3x Rough Tail Fur (60% Success Rate)
3x Thin Gold Bobbins (57% Success Rate)

Mineral Refining

Coming Soon!

Special Refining

Coming Soon!

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